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What will it cost you for our service?

- We charge an hourly rate and you will be provided with an estimate of our fees at the time you engage us to act on your behalf

- In addition to our professional charges we may incur disbursements and out of pocket expenses which will be required to be paid or re-imbursed by you to us. These are standard legal costs that firms charge clients for - examples include:

- Searches
- Valuations
- Expert reports
- Filing fees
- Agency costs

Should you wish us to provide you with further information relating to fees please email us and we will respond with an estimate of our fees.

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Importantly, we aim to provide a very personalised service where your personal needs are addressed and attended to, and we aim to do this at a reasonable cost. We believe in legal services based on trust, disclosure, professionalism and performance. 

To hear what some of our past clients think of our services and of our Senior Solicitor, see our Testimonials page. 

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