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Family Law

When a relationship breaks down the parties involved experience a wide range of emotions. It is a difficult and stressful time and working out the practical issues are often clouded by the weight of those emotions. We aim to guide you to the best possible practical and legal solution whilst ensuring you receive your legal entitlement with the least amount of stress possible.

The areas Family Law encompasses include:

- Marriage
- Divorce
- De Facto Relationships
- Property Settlement
- Children's Issues
- Custody
- Child Support
- Maintenance
- Ancillory Matters 

It is important you have a Will that is drafted and signed in the proper legal manner. It is also important that consideration is given to matters involving the breakdown of family relationships so as to minimise the chances of your Estate being contested. Other considerations such as superannuation should also be taken into account when drafting your Will.

We can ensure these matters are addressed.

Powers of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a legal document which is made by one person (the 'Principal') giving another person ('the Attorney') power to deal with money, transactions and investments. A Power of Attorney only authorises the Attorney to act in relation to legal and financial matters and does not allow them to make decisions about personal and medical matters on behalf of the principal.  

It is very important that the powers given by the Principal to the Attorney are understood and that the document reflects only those powers which the Principal wishes the Attorney to have.

An enduring guardian is a person who is legally appointed by way of a Guardianship document signed by you, to make personal or lifestyle decisions for you when you are not capable of doing so yourself.  

You can direct your enduring guardian whilst you are capable of doing so and when you have lost capacity the Guardianship appointment enables the trusted person who you appoint as your guardian to make decisions on your behalf.

Probate and Estates
If you are a surviving family member or an Executor of an estate of a deceased person we will assist you in the administration of the deceased estate obtaining Probate where necessary and ensuring a proper collection and distribution of the deceased's assets.

Contested Wills and Estates
If you have been left out of a Will or inadequately provided for we can assist you to receive your rightful entitlement.  

If you require a qualified third party to assist in mediating an agreement in relation to any legal dispute we can undertake this task at a reasonable fee.

For more information regarding the legal services we offer, contact us.

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